Bonds Between Friends and Family- A Portfolio

{Image 1} My father and my “brother”
{Image 2} Conversations between my best friend and my dad; {Image 3} Typical “girl” things. Getting ready while hanging out.
{Image 4} Best friends goofing around; {Image 5} Spilling the tea and having a great time; {Image 6} The love of my life
{Image 7} Boyfriend and his best friend drinking beers and watching the game; {Image 8} Boyfriend and another best friend chatting and laughing; {Image 9} Exploring the church (not pictured)
{Image 10} Brothers playing ball; {Image 11} Leaving fresh flowers at our mother’s grave
{Image 12} I love you




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Cleopatra Opoku-Owusu

Cleopatra Opoku-Owusu


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